Starting from 2009, "Rainbow Store Online" in the retail and wholesale sale and purchase of camera accessories, specializing in all types of professional photographic equipment, camera accessories, camera bags, studio equipment, camera accessories, camera filters, flash, photography tripod head, etc. products, everything.

We have been mainly sold to European and American countries, until May of 2014, the company opened its first flagshipstore in Kwun Tong, and opened a second branch in Mong Kok Sim City in 2019 , and called "Rainbow Store-Camera". For everyone's convenience, in 2022, we will relocate our Kwun Tong flagshipstore to Mong Kok Grand Plaza, expanding the area to 3,500ft , ensure a more price money, more choices to meet the local photography enthusiasts.

Our own brand "Osrso":

We are committed to the introduction of domestic and international premium brands, providing more quality and reasonably priced choice. In 2013, we created more own brand "Osrso", launched its own head,hood, Image Stabilizer and other photographic accessories, and attracts a lot of interest and testing of foreign professional website, but as the price level and the high quality of appreciation.

** Information:

1)      Cheesy Cam:--http: //cheesycam.com/osrso-inexpensive-mini-ball-heads-for-accessories

2)      YouTube: Inexpensive Osrso Heavy Duty Micro / Mini Ball Heads --http: // youtu .be / yzJAjmlT84I

"Rainbow Store-Camera" professional services: our experience, we are very happy to answer questions, also take into account the different needs and provide professional advice, so that we can buy the most suitable product. Due to wide range of products, not exhaustive in the special page For more product information or any queries can contact us or visit the Kwun Tong outlets.